Full Commercial Air-Conditioning, including Design, Supply & Installation.

Our Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineers can assist you with the Design, Supply, Installation and ongoing Maintenance schedule for your Asset. We guarantee our design and workmanship, with many years & small to large scale project experience behind us.


We are Air-Conditioning specialists who supply, install and service Domestic & Commercial Fixed Speed or Reverse Cycle Ducted Air-Condtioners, Evaporative ducted units, Ceiling Cassettes, VRV's, split systems and Room Air Conditioners.

Do we sub-contract the Electrical works associated with Air-Conditioning? No. We have fully qualified A class Electricians to attend to your needs.

Trouble deciding which product you need? Our Fully Qualified Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Technicians can provide accurate and easy to understand recommendations to ensure your needs are met.

After Sales Service? Absolutely. We can design a Preventative Maintenance Program to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Repairs? Not a problem. Town and Country Asset Services enjoys strong Business relationships with a variety of Wholesalers to ensure you get the best service at the best price. 

Full Commercial Refrigeration, including Supply, Build & Installation

Fridges, marine refrigeration, coolrooms, freezer rooms, refrigerated and glycol beer systems (for pubs). Design, supply, install, preventative maintenance & general servicing & repairs.


We supply and install Glycol beer dispensing systems. These are the latest in beer dispensing technology. A Glycol system is an excellent alternative or upgrade from an old Temprite or Ice Bank beer system. Glycol Block Beer System was one of the first true glycol beer systems in the Australian market place.

How Does an Glycol Beer System Work?

A Glycol tank is placed in a refrigerated cool room. Using beer python, minus degree glycol is constantly circulated through the python, glycol block, font and back to the glycol tank. This results in a system where beer is kept at a constant temperature from the keg to the beer tap, dramatically slowing the growth of wild yeast and bacteria in your beerlines and reducing beer wastage.

Coolrooms & Freezer Rooms

Town & Country Asset Services Pty Ltd caters for a full range of commercial and industrial Coolrooms, Freezers, Controlled Packing Rooms, and Blast Freezers.
Our clients include Supermarkets, Butchers, Pubs, Cafes & Restaurants, market gardening and private premises.
Our services include installation, repair and maintenance to all of the above facilities, as well as a design & service to help create something to suit your needs.

Custom Design

Whilst many clients know exactly what they want, sometimes expert knowledge input is required to avoid expensive repairs or modifications down the track. Apart from the obvious physical size, not all coolrooms and freezers are the same. Refrigeration, humidity, location, racking and shelving, duty cycle etc all play a part in finalizing the specifications to provide you with a product that works, and will keep on working.

We can take the stress out of making these commercial decisions with excellent advice and expert communication.


Preventative Maintenance Program

Are you a Property Manager? Are you a Maintenance Manager? Are you sick and tired of your Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Electrical & Building Maintence guys not turning up? Look no further - Town and County Asset Services Pty Ltd has launched a Support Desk to manage your Assets for you, saving you Time and Money. 

Our unique program can be accessed via your PC, iPad or Smart phone and is THE solution for Asset Management, taking care of all Air Conditioning, Electrical & Building maintenance needs.

Our Support Desk program offers you the ability to log Work Orders and check the Status of the Order at any time from work, home or whilst on the go.

Town and Country's Support Desk Program is user friendly and password protected, allowing for complete transparency concerning our mutual customers.

Each Work Order reflects an accurate and permanent timeline. You will be able to see when we have made contact, what the report is upon attendance and any quotation for further work required. You will be able to search via Work Order or Address or other pertinent information, along with access to Summary Reports and other relevant documents including photos, quotations and invoices.

To register, please click on the following link https://tcra.zendesk.com/home and get started today.

We are pleased to offer an induction training session for you and your team at a time convenient with you, where we will familiarize you with the features of our Product and show you how we can save you time, stress and money with this one stop Asset Management Solution.

We look forward to speaking with you in due course, and please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions.








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